“Plastics Recycling Update” reviews progress in foam polystyrene recycling.

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Polystyrene Packaging

Take a closer look at the foodservice packaging we use every day.

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Life Cycle Report

Polystyrene foam foodservice products use less energy, water than alternatives.

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Welcome to, a rich source for all sorts of info on the plastic foodservice packaging that we use every day.

As our lives become busier, fuller and more mobile, the way we eat has changed. While many of us want nothing more than a leisurely meal with family and friends, we’re often eating on the go: at a daughter’s ball game, while driving to work, at church picnics, on the street corner. Plastic foodservice packaging helps make this possible. presents fast facts on plastic cups, plates, utensils and other foodservice products, explains how they perform environmentally and highlights innovative recycling programs around the country. Check out news and some of the public policy issues around plastics and the way we eat our meals. And see and hear how they’ve become part of our culture. is compiled by the Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group (yup, we make the stuff) and is designed to help people discover how these products contribute to our lives…and to answer questions about their use, recycling and disposal. And always ask us questions!

Clean, convenient, cost-effective and eco-mindful—today’s plastic foodservice products play a significant role in our culture, our health, our lives…every day.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to stop and think about how our packaging helps us in our busy, mobile lives—check out this tongue-in-cheek video on YouTube from our friends in France.


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